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Sushil Mayengbam
Document Library Folder: Download all resources at once
May 7, 2012 10:22 AM

Sushil Mayengbam

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Hi Forum-Landers,

Is is possible to download all resources (say, documents) of a DL Sub-Folder at once on clicking a hyperlink?
Say, for example, if we give the URL of a DL's resource to a hyperlink(anchor's HREF value), one can download the resource on clicking the hyperlink.
In the same way, if I have a DL sub-folder containing a bunch of zipped files (for example), and I would like to download all the files by clicking a hyperlink .
Is this feature already there or do I need to define a DL hook for this requirement? I actually searched for a similar query in the forum but couldn't go through it exhaustively.

A link to a similar query(off course one having replies!) is also appreciated.


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