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Ravi Kiran
Liferay 6: Can the Liferay Friendly URL can be modified in my case
April 15, 2012 11:13 AM

Ravi Kiran

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Hi ,

I am using liferay 6.1

I have added this inside the liferay-portet.xml file


And as per the COntext root (Or the Portlet name ) this is my friendlier-friendly-url-routes.xml


But still the URL of that Portlet looks this way when i did a Submit Operation


Is there anyway that this can be improved .

I am very much new to Liferay , please suggest me , i am ready to do chnages as you mention .
Bart Simpson
RE: Liferay 6: Can the Liferay Friendly URL can be modified in my case
April 15, 2012 11:14 PM

Bart Simpson

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You specified the patter as

this means that liferay will map the the parameters which you specify along with this patter, which seems to be missing here.
So liferay will replace / add parameter values when it finds a url starting with

for example you can specify the <implicit-parameter name="p_p_lifecycle">2</implicit-parameter>
so this won't appear in the url and they will appear more friendly

Go through this link:
It will be very helpful, and post you question in case you can't figure out something

Hope it helps

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