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Dave Weitzel
Asset publisher content types
March 30, 2012 7:57 AM

Dave Weitzel

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using 6.1 GA1 and I see the ability to specify more content types in asset publisher.

I have issues with the following and would like to know the status of fixing them (ie will they be fixed in 6.1 GA2 soon) or how to stop them appearing on the list of allowed types.

a) comments - they appear but link doesn't go anywhere besides the asset publisher - ie doesn't link back to the hosting item (blog post, wiki page, calendar entry etc).
b) users - nothing happens will new users be listed here in future if so when and how to turn off for now?
c) Dynamic Data lists - from reading issues database they appear because asset publisher is used in the workflow they need how do we tunr off display on the list here.

I have looked at the code to generate the list and cannot see a way to isolate these elements from user display in the scenario I am in in producing a standard solution to roll out on many systems (so the id numbers will be different).

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