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Rob Dapri
Problem Liferay 6.0 online on shared server
March 11, 2012 10:55 AM

Rob Dapri

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Hello everybody,
I ask you an opinion on the problems I had when I loaded the site locally on a shared server (, with a RAM of 1 GB. I state that I have no one locally instead of the problems I had online and do not have a proper functioning of the portal and the services I offer. I am therefore obliged to keep my site off line.
I leave some information because you understand the situation better:
Using Liferay 6.0.6, MySQL 5, Tomcat 6, on a shared server using a Linux machine. (ie The portlet is written that does not work with Hibernate 3 and Spring.
Now list the various problems I faced up to this moment:

-The admin not display the user list and then fails to associate permissions and managing users who register ... etc.
-Users can not subscribe to the web (instead of using my PC I)
Do not turn the portlet-sharing
-I do not charge the default image of the logo eSharing
-I can not put images on the site in general, even then to create a gallery of images on the site.

I repeat: everything seems to works fine locally but not online.

Can you help? Do you understand where the problems begin?
Thanks for your attention, I really need your help;-)

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