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Reda Zerrad
Developing an OpenID plugin for liferay
March 8, 2012 1:15 PM

Reda Zerrad

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I'm new to Liferay , and I find it really a very interesting platform , I would like to develop a plugin for liferay that allows to use another website "SSO provider" to login to the Liferay portal, its pretty much similar to the idea of OpenID , the user can choose whether to login using his liferay credential or the using his credential at another site "the SSO provider".

as I'm new to the fabulous world of Liferay , I was wondering , what kind of plugin should I choose ? an ext plugin or a hook?

Thank you in advance!

Stian Sigvartsen
RE: Developing an OpenID plugin for liferay
March 8, 2012 5:23 PM

Stian Sigvartsen

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Hi Reda

I don't think you need to develop any plug-in to achieve this. Open ID consumption is provided out of the box with Liferay 6.
The login portlet will render an OpenID hyperlink that users can click on to carry out the authentication via an external OpenID identity provider (which could implement SSO locally). If you don't see the hyperlink, then it's possible that OpenID has been disabled via the portal control panel.