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Ayaz Pasha
Liferay popup extend message
September 9, 2008 10:28 PM

Ayaz Pasha

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Hi All,

There is one popup extend message being shown when the liferay site is open and not active for a while, as far as I know this is coming from portal_normal.vm file, now I want the same popup for my application portlet, can anyone please tell me how to start?

I have to use the existing portal_normal.vm(which exists in ROOT/html/themes/classic/templates) only. I want to know how to declare the variables in this file and how to get the data to be displayed in popup from database.

Thanks in Advance
Kowbathullah Gnaniyar Zubair
RE: Liferay popup extend message
September 9, 2008 10:40 PM

Kowbathullah Gnaniyar Zubair

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Hi Ayaz,

I have set one variable like this to run my flash file.

#set ($theme_flash_folder = "<myfolderpath>")

Hope it will work.