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James Falkner
Google Summer of Code 2012 and Liferay
March 6, 2012 9:34 AM

James Falkner

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Once again, this year Liferay is applying to be a "Mentoring Organization" as part of the 2012 Google Summer of Code. If you're not familiar with GSoC [FAQ], it is a program where Google gives money to students to implement projects with existing open source organizations (like Liferay). Last year, Google selected 150 mentoring organizations to participate, and funded over 1,000 individual projects. This year, they expect to select even more. Their selection criteria is tough!

During the program, students review a list of available projects from mentoring organizations (or submit their own ideas). Google then assigns a number of student "slots" to each mentoring organization, and that organization fills those slots by choosing which student/projects to go forward with, along with a mentor for each project (there can be multiple projects per mentor and multiple mentors per project). The students implement the project over a 12 week period, and submit progress reports along the way.

Part of the application process for Mentoring Organizations is to create an "Ideas Page" -- this page lists potential projects that students can choose from. Last year, with your help, we established our 2011 Ideas page, and many of those ideas are still relevant, but I know you have even more ideas.

I need help from you, our open source community, to outline the set of 2012 projects (and potential mentors!). These projects can be anything related to Liferay's open source project (Portal, IDE, etc). Please take 10 or 15 minutes and think about a good project for a university student over the 12 week period. If you have an idea, post it here and I will include it in the ideas page. The deadline is this Friday (March 9), so don't delay! For each project, I need to know:

- Brief Description (paragraph or two)
- List of programming skills (e.g. java, python, css, etc) and any prerequisites.
- Estimation of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult)
- List of potential Mentors (Hopefully you!)
- Relevant references or study materials.
- JIRA issue links
- Any other useful information

You don't have to have a "fully baked" idea to add it to the list, so don't be shy about suggesting ideas. You also do not have to be a mentor for your idea! So don't let your lack of time keep you from submitting ideas.

I am currently taking the 2011 list, make edits, and turning it into the 2012 list. If needed, I will also summarize some of the proposals on our proposals wiki, or in the community backlog in JIRA, but I would mostly like to take recent ideas from you (esp. ones you feel would be valuable to Liferay and a good learning experience for the students).

Also, if you wish to be a mentor for one or more projects, let me know that too! It is very rewarding both from a Liferay community and personal growth perspective to mentor students on Liferay projects. You will learn a lot yourself!