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Jan Gregor
Reloading of
March 6, 2012 8:00 AM

Jan Gregor

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It will be interesting, if jrebel can also reloads all properties configurable in Some of them are also modifable via hook and these are supported also by jrebel, when they are inside a hook. But there is a plenty of properties not supported by a hook sitting insde the portal, which will be nice to have supported by JRebel.

Andres Luuk
RE: Reloading of
March 19, 2012 5:29 AM

Andres Luuk

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I added the reloading of portal*.properties from Liferay core/ext environment.
I didn't change the loading of in hooks because we don't want JRebel + Liferay to work differently then normal Liferay alone would.

About the addition:
When, for example, the monitored file in Liferay ext is changed then JRebel now loads the new data to PropsUtil and resets the fields of PropsValues to have the new values.
Now when we have a place that re-asks the parameters from thous classes, they will get the new value.
I did not go deeper with the integration because after the Props* classes every parameeter is treated very differently.

The new addition is in the JRebel nightly build:

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