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Pankaj Kathiriya
Liferay.Service.Asset.AssetTag.getJSONGroupTags is not a function
February 21, 2012 11:24 PM

Pankaj Kathiriya

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Hi Experts,

In Liferay 6 SP2 version while accessing Tags Portlet in Control Panel, it gives js error as Liferay.Service.Asset.AssetTag.getJSONGroupTags is not a function, and Tags portlets shows loading icon forever.

Has anybody faced such issue?
Any pointers would be great.

Thanks a lot!
Pankaj K.
priti parmar
RE: Liferay.Service.Asset.AssetTag.getJSONGroupTags is not a function
February 24, 2012 1:32 AM

priti parmar

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Hi Pankaj,

Liferay Sp2 has html/js/liferay/service.js file which includes Liferay.Service.Asset.AssetTag , please add below code in your service.js .

Liferay.Service.Asset, "AssetTag",
addTag: true,
deleteTag: true,
deleteTags: true,
getGroupsTags: true,
getGroupTags: true,
getGroupTagsCount: true,
getJSONGroupTags: true,
getTag: true,
getTags: true,
getTagsCount: true,
mergeTags: true,
search: true,
updateTag: true

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