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andreas kehl
ICEfaces style cache disable
September 2, 2008 2:31 AM

andreas kehl

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We habe JSF portlets using ICEfaces components

We want to modify the ICEfaces Styles so the look similar tt the liferay theme.
(panelTabSet, panelTab, dataTable, ...)

ICEfaces default Styles are deployed with icefaces jar -> com\icesoft\faces\resources\css\xp-portlet.css

which need to be included like this into the pages.
<ice:outputStyle href="/xmlhttp/css/xp/xp-portlet.css"> </ice:outputStyle>

Based on that we defined our own styles, in the webapps/<ourwebapp>/css directory, everything works.

For activating the changes I have to restart liferay.

Can I disable that style caching for ICEfaces somehow (during development)?

The following setting in in liferays
does not work.