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Daniel Marquardt
Registration Wizard / Customization
February 17, 2012 10:02 AM

Daniel Marquardt

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I am creating a portal for an HOA (Home Owners Association) to have their current residents register, as well as prospective residents. Part of their requirement is that when the user registers they provide their address for verification that they are within the community, and not some random person.


I see all of the options for the registration but requiring the Address object to be completed during registration is not an option.


Is there an easy way to do this using core functionality, or do I need to develop a custom hook that overrides the user registration and provide my own form? The other question I have is if there is any kind of registration wizard in existence that lets you specify multiple registration screens the user can step through and their registration isn't completed until they've filled in the last one... giving the ability to require that they enter an Address, and perhaps other screens from the Identification section of their profile during registration, and the ability to mark each screen as required or not so that they can skip it if they don't have any data for that screen.

Thanks for any help/input/direction. If there's nothing out there I may have to develop something since that seems like it would be a good feature to have. Another nice feature would be the ability to require input in custom fields... I have modified the create user jsp to display custom fields, but there's no way to require that they fill them in.

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