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Dave Weitzel
Portal wide preferences in 6.1
February 17, 2012 7:01 AM

Dave Weitzel

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I have raised a Jira ticket for this issue but there may be a different approach in 6.1 as the source seems to explicitly have been changed. So I thought I would post here as well.
The requirement is to be able to store portletPreferences of "type" LIFERAY_PORTAL so that they apply everywhere and can be read using PrefsPropsUtil. We use them to store content ids for banner images in themes allowing admin t o change the banner without touching the theme, but the general need is everywhere IMHO to have dynamic portal wide properties.

The issue is when storing the preferences using In 6.1 a condition to check if they are LIFERAY_PORTAL is removed os the code does Validation that throws an exception.

I have written an EXT class that puts that condition back and the exception is no longer there BUT I am not seeing the preferences either using PrefPropsUtil.

Is there a new way of doing this in 6.1?

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