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Jean-Pierre Doggett
Liferay Developer / Partner wanted for social business startup
February 15, 2012 3:09 AM

Jean-Pierre Doggett

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My name is JP, I'm 35, British and I'm working on a social business startup which I'm applying to take to Y Combinator 2012. My background is in business, not coding, so I have been muddling along with the technological stuff by myself so far. I have chosen Liferay as a key element of my startup idea and am managing to work things out but it's taking me longer than I want so I have decided to look for a technology expert partner to help me on that front so I can concentrate on the business side.

Before you read on, here's the catch: I'm 100% self-funded (at the moment) and don't have enough cash to pay someone a proper salary. Therefore, the deal would involve equity in an, as yet, non-existent company. If you haven't clicked "back" already, here's what I'm looking for:

- An expert in Liferay who is familiar with all aspects of portal configuration and has experience developing custom portlets.
- Ideally, someone with broader Java programming experience and a solid background in Computer Science or Information Management.
- Familiarity with other social platforms like Jive would be a bonus.
- Preferably a fellow Brit (although I ought to declare at this stage that I'm half-French!), mostly so that we would be able to meet up without too much difficulty and have similar working times but partly because we're going to need to understand each other and get along so cultural affinity is relevant if not decisive. If you're not British but are interested, I would still like to hear from you.
- Someone who is going to be able to survive without getting paid much for between 6 and 12 months and, if necessary, travel to meet potential business partners / investors etc., especially if the Y Combinator application is successful.
- Someone who, if this thing works out, will be prepared to drop everything else and commit to the business.

At this stage, I mostly need someone to be on hand to help me with the configuration and set up of a prototype to market test. Beyond that, there is plenty of scope for strategic input and, if the business works, I will eventually need a "CTO" to oversee all of the technology aspects. As I've said, I don't have much spare cash and am prepared to offer equity / stock but everything is negotiable.

The startup itself is based on combining the best of commercial event production methods with social collaboration technology. The business model is "open-source inspired" which means that it is decentralized and collaborative with little formal "old school" management. It is designed as a virtual company which would mean that those involved with it are free to decide how, with whom, when and where they work as long as they get the job done. There's no evidence yet that it will work but it is designed as a partial substitute for an industry that has global revenues in the billions of dollars and is one of the hotly tipped technology trends for 2012. The intention is to market / field test a prototype over the next few months so that, by summer, we'll know what kind of potential it has got. If it looks good, we'll be going all out for investment and rapid scale up. I don't want to say too much at this stage but will be happy to explain in more detail for anyone who's interested.

Please reply by telling me a bit about yourself, explain how well you fit with the requirements listed above and anything else which you think could be relevant.

Many thanks in advance,