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Danial Mustofa Habibi
Horizontal Radio button Alloy UI liferay 6.0.6
January 22, 2012 12:04 AM

Danial Mustofa Habibi

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hi There I know it's silly questions.and i'm a newbie ,,but still I need to ask about i can create horizontal radio button ,so it show in one line??as I try
1<aui:field-wrapper name="gender">
2        <aui:input inlineLabel="right" name="KTP" type="radio" value="1" label="male" />
3        <aui:input checked="<%= true %>" inlineLabel="right" name="gender" type="radio" value="2" label="passport"  />
4        </aui:field-wrap

2                        <aui:input name="KTP" type="radio" value="ktp"></aui:input>
3                        <aui:input name="Passport" type="radio" value=""></aui:input>
4                </aui:column>

it still showing every radio button on new line..
and how to enable/disable or show any form using radio button?for example if someone click KTP, only KTP form/field will be shown?or the passport field/form will disabled?

Thank's any help would be really appreciated,