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John Egleslapa
How to remove sample data correctly?
January 19, 2012 7:57 AM

John Egleslapa

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Is there a way to remove the 7cogs sample data correctly?
In the readme.html for liferay 6.1 it's written:
Removing the Sample Data (7Cogs)

The 7Cogs sample can be completely removed from your installation using the following steps:
Log into Liferay as administrator and go to:
Control Panel > Plugin Installation
Search for 7cogs-hook
Remove 7cogs-hook
Note: Some application servers may not support hot undeply using this method. In those cases, follow the instructions of your app server to undeply the 7cogs-hook.war file.
Stop the Liferay Portal server
Delete the data in your database or point to a new database
Restart Liferay Portal server
Use a browser to access the server and login using the following credentials:
Password: test

After following this instructions you'll have a fully functional Liferay Portal installation with several default users.

I did not find any 7cogs-hook in Plugin Installation.. So i Deleted all data into "\liferay-portal-6.1.0-ce-ga1\tomcat-7.0.23\webapps" folder except for ROOT, reset my PostgreSQL DB and restarted my liferay - the sample data seems to be gone, but, in the Login portlet i still get "" by default in username field.
This leaves me to a conclusion - a) I removed the data somewhat incorrectly and some of it are still present b) I need to somehow configure the login portlet (which i do not know how.. yet..).

So, how do you remove 7cogs sample data, and what is the best way to ensure that there isn't any trace of it left? In other words - how to get Liferay "clean" and ensure that it is "clean"?
David H Nebinger
RE: How to remove sample data correctly?
January 19, 2012 10:08 AM

David H Nebinger

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You forgot answer C: You checked the 'remember me' when you logged in as bruno and/or it is a function of the browser you're using to prepopulate form fields.

Try deleting all of the cookies in your browser, uncheck "remember me", delete all temp files for the browser, etc.

All of the 7cogs stuff is gone, you're just seeing an artifact in the browser because you logged in as bruno at some point.

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