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James Falkner
The Liferay Quiz - Round 2 - The Answers
January 6, 2012 12:00 PM

James Falkner

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What is the name of the default workflow engine in Liferay 6? *

Answer: Kaleo is the name. Workflow is the game.

What is the default filename for French localizations for a resource bundle named “Resources”? *

Answer: fr is the language code for the French language. fr_FR is used for French that is spoken in France (fr_CA is used for French spoken in Canada)

Which of the following are features of Liferay 6.0? *

Answer: Sitemap Protocol is the only one in the list that is supported. Liferay is a CMS Client, and does not have XACML or node.js support.

Which languages does Liferay’s community forum support? *

Answer: All of the above! Liferay supports around 40 different languages, and its community converses in several, including all of those listed in this question.

Which is NOT a name of Liferay Community Programs? *

Answer: Community Help Team. There are many special programs that can be seen on the homepage.

Which one of these cities is NOT the location of a Liferay office? *

Answer: Paris, France. Liferay is looking to expand their presence in France, but does not currently have an office there.

What year did Sun Portal migrate to the Liferay platform? *

Answer: 2008. Sun Portal's new offering was based on Liferay.

How many Liferay Italy Symposiums have there been? *

Answer: 2!

Who are the listed project leads for Liferay Alloy UI? *

Answer: Eduardo and Nate.

How big is liferay's community? *

Answer: 50k registered users.

Thanks for playing along, congrats to the winners, and looking forward to the next round!

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