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Satish Babu Anupoju
How to get the articles with category id
December 12, 2011 4:23 AM

Satish Babu Anupoju

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Hi Friends

Here I have requirement. Can anyone give some solution for this :

1. I have created few categories from control panel.
2. I have created few articles from control panel->webcontent

Note : Now I want to fetch the articles information based on the category id.

In JSP I have dropdown box which contains categores(every category having id). When I select any category immediatly it should display the respective articles.

Thanks & Regards
Satish Babu
Michał Kolenda
RE: How to get the articles with category id
December 12, 2011 5:20 AM

Michał Kolenda

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Use method AssetEntryServiceUtil.getEntries(AssetEntryQuery entryQuery). It returns the list of asset entries matching the criterias specified in entryQuery object.
AssetEntryQuery contains fields: _allCategoryIds, _anyCategoryIds, _notAllCategoryIds, _notAnyCategoryIds. You can set them via setters.

Here is sample psudo-code to achieve the list of articles:

 1long categoryId = request.getParameter(...) // get the expected category id (i.e. from request parameter)
 2long classNameId = PortalUtil.getClassNameId(JournalArticle.class.getName());
 3AssetEntryQuery aeq = new AssetEntryQuery();
 4aeq.setAllCategoryIds(new long[]{categoryId});
 5aeq.setClassNameIds(new long []{classNameId});
 6List<AssetEntry> entries = AssetEntryQueryServiceUtil.getEntries(aeq);
 7for (AssetEntry entry : entries) {
 8  String className = PortalUtil.getClassName(entry.getClassNameId();
 9  AssetRendererFactory assetRendererFactory = AssetRendererFactoryRegistryUtil.getAssetRendererFactoryByClassName(className);
10  AssetRenderer assetRenderer = assetRendererFactory.getAssetRenderer(entry.getClassPK());
11  if (assetRenderer instanceof JournalArticleAssetRenderer) {  //should be always true
12    JournalArticleAssetRenderer articleRenderer = (JournalArticleAssetRenderer)assetRenderer;
13    JournalArticle article = articleRenderer.getArticle(); //it is the article you searched
14  }
Siddarth R Mannem
RE: How to get the articles with category id
November 28, 2016 2:48 PM

Siddarth R Mannem

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I'm looking similar code in velocity template. Not sure how to create instance for "AssetEntryQuery" in velocity vm template. Can you please help me with code ?

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