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Steven Linzer
Enterprise Admin Portlet - Add User Permissions Error
August 12, 2008 8:53 AM

Steven Linzer

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This post is alot like the "Organization Admin Portlet - Add User" post with a few exceptions.
I need a role of users that can do all user management functions but will have no other portal rights, i.e. Power user or any other administrative privilege. I have setup a portal with admins and a role called Account Adminministrator for these User Managers that has the User role only. I have given this role:
- portal permissions of Add User.
- portlet permissions for Enterprise Admin portlet of:
* Location Assign Members,
* Location Manage Users,
* Organization Assign Members,
* Organization Manage Users,
* Role Assign Members,
* User Delete,
* User Permissions,
* User Update, and
* User View.
I gave the users in the Account Adminministrator role Organization Adminministrator.
So, when an Account Adminministrator goes into the Enterprise Admin portlet they can update an existing user, but not add one. When these users go into the Enterprise Admin portlet Organizations tab, they see the "Add User" option in the Actions menu, but when they try to save that sceen, i.e. actually add a new user, they get a "Do not have permissions" error.
We am using LF 4.4.0 and and I have not seen any Add User permission option in any enterprise portlet.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Brian Scott Schupbach
RE: Enterprise Admin Portlet - Add User Permissions Error
April 6, 2009 12:14 PM

Brian Scott Schupbach

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Have you found an answer to this yet? I'm using version 4.4.1 and am experiencing the same problem.

I setup a role that allows our staff to create users and modify users but I get a permissions error when I try to save the new user.

Is this a bug?

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