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Thomas Binder
Encoding Problem when GZIP Filter is disabled
August 22, 2011 1:24 AM

Thomas Binder

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Hello all,

this is my first posting - so hello to all of you.

The reason for my posting is an problem ;)

One of the users which uses our liferay portal setup is accessing the site with an proxy. It seems that this proxy does not accept GZIP encoded responses. The result is non valid UTF-8 output. I could reproduce the problem by just clearing the firefox setting "network.http.accept-encoding" (within about:config).

The resulting special chars, which where previously displayed correctly and send as 2 bytes in this special case (German umlaute öäü/ÖÄÜ and some more...)- come out as one byte!

When disabling gzip filter in the liferay config's the result is the same - invalid UTF-8 chracters.

Also the whole backend of the CMS ( Control Panel etc. ) has invalid special chars when gzip encoding is turned of.

Can anybody shed some light on this? Help would be appreciated.

My liferay setup:
Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.0.6 CE (Bunyan / Build 6006 / February 17, 2011)

Sushil Saini
RE: Encoding Problem when GZIP Filter is disabled
November 19, 2012 10:03 PM

Sushil Saini

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Hi Thomas,

Faced the similar issue and for me it started working by adding the following code in the header.

2response.setHeader("Content-Encoding", "");   

Sushil Saini

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