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Devcon 2016: The Wild Wild West

December 9, 2016 By Olaf Kock Staff

Again: Devcon is over (actually, for quite a while now) and it's time to look back. If only because the Recap site is public. You can now watch the video recordings of presentations that you've missed, download slides and go through everything again. Just like

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Stopping By Abou Shousha's On A Snowy Evening

December 8, 2016 By Javeed Chida

(or) Why categories are so much more than nestable tags "I LOVE tags," Jaffer managed despite a mouthful of spiced lamb ouzie. Sergei was finding the younger guest a bit annoying. The kid had ambled in from the snow to get a bite. Sergei himself had come in to escape the...

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Using a Custom Bundle for the Liferay Workspace

December 6, 2016 By David H Nebinger

So the Liferay workspace is pretty handy when it comes to building all of your OSGi modules, themes, layout templates and yes, even your legacy code from the plugins SDK. But, when it comes to initializing a local bundle for deployment or building a dist bundle, using one of...

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Fantastic Extension Points - And Where to Find Them

December 2, 2016 By Eduardo P. Garcia Staff

One more year, it's been great to meet many of you at our events. This time I dedicated one of my workshops to the migration of 6.2 plugin projects to Liferay 7.0. I knew that some of you had already started planning this migration and you would find it helpful, so thanks for...

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Behind Every Great Module There's a Great Design

November 21, 2016 By Lauri Hiltunen

Software should be modular. It has been a core thought of developers and architects for quite a long time. The microservices style of development and deployment is a thing now, and different projects are taking the modularity from logical design also to physical level. There’s...

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Liferay DXP: Adding Custom Document Actions

November 21, 2016 By Koen Olaerts

At Coin we have developed SimpleEdit, a new and improved way for editing your documents stored in Alfresco or Liferay. Now that Liferay has moved on to DXP, we are in the process of upgrading SimpleEdit to this new platform.

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Content SEO Title - Putty In Your Hand

November 11, 2016 By Javeed Chida

In my last technical post titled

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Embedded Analytics

October 31, 2016 By Fabian Larroca

Build Around MDX I cannot make the case to encourage you to write MDX. It's a complex query language, underutilized, supported by major vendors*, but after 20 years of existence still struggle to get traction, much like SQL. But a query language adds an abstraction layer...

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The Missing Maven Elements

October 19, 2016 By David Truong Staff

I mentioned last time in The State of Maven Development, that we were missing a few items for our Maven users. Well I have good news... You can now build themes in Maven! In pom.xml: maven-dependency-plugin ...

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New themes Blog entry (4/4) - 1975 London theme

October 13, 2016 By Marcos Castro Staff

Hi everyone! In...

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