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Radio Liferay Episode 58: Jorge Ferrer continued

September 20, 2016 By Olaf Kock Staff

Two episodes (or an eternity) ago, I spoke to Jorge Ferrer, Liferay's VP of Engineering. We didn't have enough time to finish the conversation, so we continued a while after - and then I buried the recording /o\....

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New accessibility features in AlloyEditor

September 19, 2016 By Antonio Pol Staff

As many of you know,

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Debugging Liferay 7 In Intellij

September 15, 2016 By David H Nebinger

Introduction So I'm doing more and more development using pure Intellij for Liferay 7 / DXP, even debugging. I thought I'd share how I do it in case someone else is looking for a brief how-to. Tomcat Setup So I do not like running Tomcat within the IDE, it just feels wrong. ...

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Content SEO - Hidden In Plain Sight

September 15, 2016 By Javeed Chida

It cannot be that it was just forgotten, This fundamental feature, thus I sought Through thick of forum, blog, e'en post ill-gotten Until my quest returned me to the spot Where sat the creature with expression cursed Inquiring why I didn't look here first.

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Pandora’s Box for Liferay: The Groovy Edition

September 14, 2016 By Jan Eerdekens

In the beginning of the year I had some fun creating the CRaSH portlet. Once it is deployed, it allows a portal administrator to work with the portal/JVM in a very flexible way using a command line syntax. While this is a very powerful portlet, there are some drawbacks. You...

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Liferay 7 Development, Part 6

September 14, 2016 By David H Nebinger

Introduction In part 5 we started the portlet code. We added the configuration support, started the portlet and added the PanelApp implementation to get the portlet in the control panel. In this part we will be adding the view layer into the portlet and add the action...

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Liferay 7 Development, Part 5

September 14, 2016 By David H Nebinger

Introduction In the first four parts we have introduced our project, laid out the Liferay workspace to create our modules, defined our DS service API and have just completed our DS service implementation. It's now time to move on to starting our Filesystem Access Portlet. ...

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Liferay 7 Development, Part 4

September 14, 2016 By David H Nebinger

Introduction In part 3 of the blog, the API for the Filesystem Access project was flushed out. In this part of the blog, we'll create the service implementation module. The Data Transfer Object Now we get to implement our DTO object. The interface is pretty simple, we just...

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Liferay 7 Development, Part 3

September 14, 2016 By David H Nebinger

Introduction In part 2 of the series we created our initial project modules for the Filesystem Access Portlet project. In part 3, we're going to move on to flushing out the DS service that will provide a service layer for our portlet. Admittedly this service layer is...

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Liferay 7 Development, Part 2

September 13, 2016 By David H Nebinger

Introduction In part 1, the filesystem access portlet project for Liferay 7 was introduced. In this part, we're going to use Blade and Gradle to set up our basic project structure. We're not going to do much in the way of code in this part, it's going to be enough that we get...

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