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A New Way To Learn WeDeploy

April 18, 2017 By Jonathan Lundy Staff

From the very beginning, we knew that great documentation was crucial to successfully sharing WeDeploy with the world. Since then, we have been exploring new ways to take the WeDeploy learning experience to the next level, which is why we are excited to announce a brand new...

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Debugging Liferay 7.0: Generate modules classpath in Eclipse using

April 12, 2017 By Jorge Díaz Staff

Importing in eclipse all java classes from osgi modules Up to Liferay 6.2, when you opened Liferay project in eclipse, you had all classes imported in project classpath, so you was able to debug Liferay code and execute classes and method searchs. Since Liferay 7.0, there is a...

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The Benefits of Open Standards from The JCP

April 11, 2017 By Neil Griffin Staff

Overview JCP & JSRs JCP Governance JCP Membership JSR Implementations Benefits Participating in...

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使用Liferay DXP創建圖片播放

April 11, 2017 By Neil Jin Staff

Liferay DXP本身帶有一個Carousel的範本,但是這個範本使用的是舊的AUI的範本。現在因為Liferay DXP是基於Lexicon和Bootstrap 3的,創建一個響應式的圖片播放非常簡單。 基本需求: 圖片播放基本功能 螢幕尺寸變化後,圖片不變型 修改圖片不需要修改代碼 不需要部署外掛程式 可複用 分析: 可以利用Bootstrap 3的carousel外掛程式實現圖片播放基本功能(

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Liferay DXP Tutorial: Carousel Template

April 9, 2017 By Neil Jin Staff

Liferay DXP ships with a default carousel Application Display Template in global site. But this one is an old fashion AUI one that has been used often before DXP. Since Liferay DXP support Lexicon, I am going to show you how to utilize Lexicon and Bootstrap to create a true...

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Available Now: TripWire

March 28, 2017 By David H Nebinger

For the last few months as I've been working with Liferay 7 CE / Liferay DXP, I've been a little stymied trying to manage the complexities of the new OSGi universe. In Liferay 6.x, for example, an OOTB demo setup of Liferay comes with like 5 or 6 war files. And when the...

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Mobile First with Liferay Screens – part 4 Webinar: Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer

March 22, 2017 By Maarten van Heiningen

Mobile First with Liferay Screens – part 4 Webinar: Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer Mobile apps have become an integral part of our communication with...

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Liferay DXP and WebLogic...

March 21, 2017 By David H Nebinger

For those of you deploying Liferay DXP to WebLogic, you will need to add an override property to your file to allow the WebLogic JAXB implementation to peer inside the OSGi environment to create proxy instances. I know, it's a mouthful, but it's all...

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SourceForge Project of the Month

March 6, 2017 By Jamie Sammons Staff

Introduction Liferay Portal has been nominated for the SourceForge Project of the Month for April! Nominees are selected from projects that have recently been a Project of the Week, have a high total number of downloads in the previous month, are generally well-established and...

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Creating a Spring MVC Portlet War in the Liferay Workspace

February 28, 2017 By David H Nebinger

Introduction So I've been working on some new Blade sample projects, and one of those is the Spring MVC portlet example. As pointed to in the Liferay documentation for Spring MVC portlets, these guys need to be built as war files, and the Liferay Workspace will actually help...

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