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Adding custom Layout type

January 12, 2018 By Vitaliy Koshelenko

Liferay has different types of pages. The default one is Layout - it’s standard, empty by default page, which is displayed in navigation menu. Portlets may be added to such page, themes and layouts may be also applied to this type of page. In most cases this page type is...

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Adding custom classes to Theme Velocity context

January 11, 2018 By Vitaliy Koshelenko

To make some custom class available inside a theme velocity template, you need to put it's instance into com.liferay.portal.kernel.util.WebKeys#VM_VARIABLES request attribute. And it will be populated to the velocity context automatically (in...

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Show live or logged in users

January 5, 2018 By Vikash Kumar

This blog is for creating an interface which will show number of live users and some other details. First of all create a portlet which will provide interface and then create a hook within the portlet.Below link willl help to create hook in portlet....

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Liferay 7 theme development using IDE-2

December 19, 2017 By Sushil Patidar

I wrote blog for theme development with IDE . Further I explored the way to configure gradle project. I would like to share those steps that I have experienced hard to find and many developers I saw asking for the same thing on the forums. Gradle Configuration ...

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Liferay Documentation Survey Results

December 15, 2017 By Richard Sezov Staff

This year, the Knowledge Management team at Liferay set out not only to document Liferay 7/DXP, but to document it well. To do this, we identified several improvements we wanted to make: We wanted to connect powerfully with users and customers. To do this, we made a...

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Visual Preview in Liferay DXP: Custom Portlet

December 8, 2017 By Sandeep Sapra

Liferay provide OOTB features for Preview of Documents (PDF, Word, Image), Media (Audio and Video) in Document and Media Portlet. The same is available after installing following components ImageMagick - To convert into images for preview Ghostscript - Dependency of...

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Liferay Theme Generator

December 7, 2017 By Sandeep Sapra

Liferay Theme generator tool is an easy way to create themes in Liferay v6.2 and 7. You would not need SDK for this but remember that there are some prequisities in terms of installation and configuration of few components before you can actually create theme and deploy to...

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Liferay DXP and Analytics

November 24, 2017 By Sandeep Sapra

Liferay Integration with Analytics 1) With Google Analytics Set up an account with Google Analytics: This will create a Tracking...

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Servlet Configuration in Liferay DXP portlet

November 17, 2017 By Sandeep Sapra

Description: For Servlet configuration in Liferay DXP portlet, we will need to make necessary changes to the configuration files. Start with making a plugin custom portlet and add a servlet to this portlet, then do following configurations Step 1: Make sure bnd file has...

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DevCon 2017

October 14, 2017 By David H Nebinger

So I've been home for almost a week now after having attended Devcon 2017 in Amsterdam. I have to give a shout out to Pascal Brusset and his entire team for putting on a great event. The venue was great, the sessions were great, and the speakers were great too. I especially...

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